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Voice design | UX writing | Editorial | Ads

Vamos! As Duolingo's first product writer (full-time contract role), I've enlivened written communications to match the Duolingo brand. Having developed the brand's voice and tone, I now work it into product microcopy and content, physical and digital advertising, optimized onboarding flows, video scripts, newsletters, and other editorial features that put a spotlight on Duolingo's amazing mission and platform.
More portfolio examples to come.

Web copy | Tagline

Stripe is based on a simple yet revolutionary concept, and they asked for my help explaining it in human terms on the marketing website. The project resulted in new website copy and this tagline, seen on the homepage and on banner ads across the web.
Pass the Courvoisier. I partnered with SuperFriendly , Big Medium, and Brad Frost to create a web experience for Identity, The Cosmopolitan's rewards program. I studied The Cosmopolitan's ultra-specific voice (sexy, not sexual; clever, not cloying) to write copy that allures as only a Cosmopolitan experience can.

Copywriting | UI writing

Copyediting | Proofreading

They send me the book, I scrutinize every paragraph and punctuation mark—and learn so much about the web in the process. I've contributed to The New CSS Layout by Rachel Andrew, Writing for Designers by Scott Kubie (which you should read BUT STILL HIRE ME, thx), Progressive Web Apps by Jason Grigsby, and other forthcoming publications.

Brand strategy | Copywriting | Editing

egghead is a platform for web developers to share and learn the tricks of their trade. I partner on all things copy, putting a special focus on using inclusive messaging to attract a diverse set of instructors from around the world. (Six continents so far...Antarctica, u up?)

Content strategy | Style guide | Web copy 
 Technical writing | Case studies | Proofreading

I’ve partnered with the wonderful people at Gore for several years. I first collaborated with Happy Cog to craft the content strategy for its redesign of Since then, I’ve worked directly with Gore, writing copy across the website and for several business lines within the company. 

Merchandise copy | Web copy

Franklin Barbecue dishes out some of the country’s most lusted-after meats and eats. Working with my good friend Kevin Sharon at National Design Service, I wrote copy for the Franklin’s merchandise site. This project required constant snacking.
As Rdio's first full-time copywriter, I crafted copy for all facets of the company — from press releases and holiday party invitations to marketing emails and blog posts. My home was the Product Team, for whom I wrote user interface copy that makes listening to music seamless and intuitive.

Interface copy | Web copy | Ads | Emails

Copywriting | Case studies

I love the guys at Zaengle Corp, whose famous motto "be nice do good" suits them and whose new site urges the tech community to do good with their gifts. I helped them craft a manifesto that puts their core beliefs into words. (I also wrote a few new case studies of Zaengle's excellent work, some of which I got to help with.)

Content strategy | IA | Copywriting

Finance? What is finance? The design team at Studio Famous brought me on to craft a narrative for Logan Capital Management, who kindly and patiently explained stocks and bonds to me. Now I know how money works! The site is beautiful and shares the story and expertise of Logan in a way I hope they're proud of.

Web copy | Tagline | Case studies

I joined a SuperFriendly dream team to redesign the marketing site for Grovo, a workplace training startup. Grovo already had a well defined voice and a great communications team; I collaborated with them to reflect that voice on while better telling the story of what they do and why they do it.

Web copy | Tagline | Style guide | 1-pagers

Amino is a payments company that cleans up the fraud-ridden digital supply chain by paying only the good guys—no bots allowed. I collaborated with Grimm & Grove Communications to identify the Amino voice and wrap it around website copy, 1-pagers, and sales materials.

Web copy | UX copy

Fashion! My pals at Zaengle, along with designer Courtney Bradford at Telegraph, created a new LuLaRoe app that makes it easy for consultants to set up pop-ups and track their orders. I wrote the website words and the app’s interface copy.

Interface copy | Web copy | UX

Freelancing is a juggling act. To help other creative freelancers (and the people who hire them) manage their workloads, connections, and new opportunities, I helped build SuperBooked with my friends at SuperFriendly and ZaengleI wrote the marketing and interface copy and contributed to the UX. 

Content strategy | Style guide

Working with P’unk Avenue, I led the content strategy efforts for Urban Engineers’ new website—helping them humanize their voice, clarify their messaging, better surface great content, and reflect the people who make Urban such a joy to work with.

Web copy

One of Philadelphia’s most exciting startups, TicketLeap builds intuitive apps for selling and buying admission to events. I wrote marketing copy for Port, their newest software that lets event managers sell tickets on any website. 

Web copy | Tagline

As the copywriter for the team building the Deeds Not Words brand and website, I wrote website copy, presentation materials for potential donors, and such taglines as "We're the change-makers." (All while working with feminist icon Wendy Davis!) 

Brand strategy | Copywriting

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of BKM, a Baltimore MEP engineering firm, I collaborated with P'unk Avenue to develop a new brand strategy that both celebrates the firm's legacy and looks forward to the future. We delivered a new visual design, brand voice, and "credos" to use internally and on collateral.

Editing | Copywriting

I wrote or edited close to 1,000 daily-deals blurbs for LivingSocial, following closely its three pillars: surprise, delight, and inform. These are four deals I wrote, incorporating research about the merchant, a blend of the LivingSocial voice and what’s appropriate for the merchant, and a heavy dose of LivingSocial-brand wordplay. 

Editing | Web copy | Emails | Press releases

Writing about Philadelphia was both a career and a passion project. My writing work included restaurant and attraction listings, press releases, blog posts, ad copy, emails, and whatever else needed to be written. I also oversaw the content production of a small team of web producers. 
I have a passion for paragraphs. My long-form work is a mash-up of deeply researched stories, personal essays, and music and literary criticism.
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